Winter out of the window

Winter out of the window

Everyone has different feelings for winter, like winter, love winter, have sad winter, have tired of winter. Most of the emotions are direct and pure, but I don't. I am happy with winter. The joy is because of snow, more fun to season; I hate the cold because of the snow.

Another winter, this snow came suddenly, which made me a little confused. The clothes on the body are the thin cotton clothes that just entered the winter, and have no hat. The howling cold wind mixed with snowflakes, can not help but pour into the collar. Cold, the cold into the bone marrow let me lose love for snow. The mood also becomes irritable, dull up.

At that time I was solving a math problem, but the annoyance of my mood made me unable to settle my mind to solve the problem. The steps of the problem are trivial and there is no error. But how can I not make mistakes? The more annoying the writing, the more disordered it is. Once the pen fell, he didn't write, and was distracted. He looked at the dancing shoes in my bag and looked up to the outside.

I looked out the window, which was dark as ink. This snow is pouring from the light to the beginning of the lights, and the thick clouds cover the light of the moon. The boredom in my heart seems to be magnified infinitely, even makes me feel a little depressed. No, I must be tired of dying when I stay. I have to go out and walk, and take cheap dancing shoes.

Just as it happened, the bell rang. I hurriedly called my friends downstairs. I had to breathe. I changed my cheap dancing shoes. My friend changed his cheap tap shoes. We walked out of the classroom together.

I was stunned when I walked out of the teaching building. Where did I look at that in the building? Although the thick clouds cover the part of the moon, it also put on a hazy veil, so that the gentle moon is more gentle. Besides, the snow, falling from the sky, stroked my face, soft and refreshing. We put on cheap dancing shoes and prepared to come here for a dance.

The restlessness in my heart dissipated most of the time. My eyes fall with snowflakes and float on the ground. New snow is not Ji, a round of hazy moon hanging sky, under the spread of bright shadow, above the flow of bright silver. Such a winter night snow scene picture completely eliminated my heart of the annoyance. Love for snow filled my heart, but I felt that the harsh cold wind also had a little gentle.

"The world is so beautiful, but you are so grumpy, so bad, bad. We danced for a while in cheap dancing shoes! " I went back to the classroom and looked at this mathematics problem that I couldn't understand again, and suddenly I remembered this sentence. I don't have to laugh at my behavior. Just as the night outside the window, I come to a conclusion when I have not known it. If I have not gone downstairs, I don't know what kind of extinction I miss. So review the problem, maybe the trivial step is it "the black outside the window", just need to calm down to crack.

I was calm, and the snow below flashed in front of me. Snow seems to stop, the problem is solved, and the dance is also dancing. The only bad thing is that my cheap ballroom dance shoes are wet, and my friends' cheap tap dancing shoes are wet.

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