Withered flowers can also be beautiful

Withered flowers can also be beautiful

Often hear someone lament "the flower all thanks, what good-looking!" Yes! After the withered petals fall into the soil, she is no longer the charming woman on the branch, she lost her luster. They had to turn it into nourishment and deliver it to the branches that once depended on each other, and people praised her "spiritual beauty". This kind of abstract beauty will inevitably lead to the desolation of the end. In fact, it doesn't have to be like this. We can still appreciate the withered flowers without turning or avoiding.

There is a Rosa roxburghii at home. It blooms many times a year. It blooms and withers. The branches and leaves are oily green, when they are young, and the flowers are blooming on the thorny branches; And withered petals, safely lying in the soil.

The petals in the soil are worth tasting. Some are curling up, some are stretching, forgetting to release their own beauty. The withered petals of Rosa roxburghii will not fade. On the contrary, because of the time, they have changed from delicate pink to intoxicating dark pink, adding a mature and clear feeling. The veins on the petals are clearer, crisscross and connected, and the thickness is clear, just like the "embroidery pattern on the flower", which is more thought-provoking. The flowers are surrounded by each other, clinging to each other, as if to put a layer of red carpet on the soil in the flowerpot. I picked out a few pieces and tied them together with small red cotton thread and inserted them in a delicate vase with a small mirror behind it. They must be very happy to see their still beautiful appearance! Lightly touched, dry petals also issued a rustle sound.

That is when the youth, forget age is still beautiful, the flowers complement each other, that is what a picture! Generation after generation, endless, and two generations of flowers produced by the United States, but the frame, shocking, unforgettable. Like my favorite dance, when I was young, I liked to dance and wore cheap dance shoes to show off my dancing skills. As I grew up, I was just like a withered flower. I could not be seen dancing in cheap tap dance shoes or dancing in cheap ballroom dance shoes!

I can't help thinking of those old people who are called "time stagnation". When they stand in the middle of the dance stage and dance beautifully, no one will think that they are already in their prime. Because in their eyes there is a yearning and hope that does not match their age. Although they are old, they still love beauty, want to work hard to fulfill their youth dream, and want to stand in the middle of the stage and radiate their own light. I recognize their efforts, admire their spirit, feel that they dare to challenge life and time, and admire their strong and firm faith. Grandparents are dancers. When they were young, they were really good at dancing. Dance shoes and costumes filled the room. They had cheap dance shoes and costumes. They said they bought them when they had no money. They also had expensive collections. They collected them according to their own preferences at the peak of their dance career, Now these dance clothes and dance shoes are piled up in the corner of the room, do not want to be seen by them, think of the past time, remind yourself that they have become old!

May each of us be a thorn plum, and withered flowers can be beautiful. If time is the master of life, then faith is the eternity above time.


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