Wolf God

Wolf God

There is a very strange wolf living in the ancient forest. They are born with no teeth to attack. Correct my statement. Maybe they can't call it a wolf at all.

One morning, a fairy in the sky was full of wine and food, and then went for a walk in the forest. The reason for choosing to take a walk here is very simple, that is, the scenery is good. After waiting for a few minutes to observe the "Zen" of the earth, God came to the territory of these wolves and floated in the sky to enjoy it quietly. A male wolf woke up. Before he could pull himself out of the pleasure of tearing up food in his dream, his child began to wail. Looking at the starving wolf, the male wolf knew it was time for him to hunt.

This is extremely ridiculous. How should a wolf without wolf teeth hunt? Every time he ran away from home, he faced death, God thought.

Without hesitation, the wolf glanced at the children behind him with his gentle eyes, then blew the muddy soil in his nose and turned away from the wolf's nest.

God looked at the beast on the road to death, and his heart was full of doubts.

The sky was not completely bright, the stars were still shining in the sky, and a huge full moon seemed to be waiting for something, suspended on the top of the wolf. While enjoying this "rare" beauty, God followed closely for fear of missing anything interesting. Animals and gods have been walking. After walking for a long time, God was a little tired. When he was ready to go home, a hill appeared in the boundless wilderness --- a bear.

In an instant, fear pierced every cell of the wolf like lightning. He is a wolf without teeth! He knew how terrible it was. The absence of wolf teeth meant that every crisis was a must for him. In the face of a terrible fate, he could only fear, anger, self sin, pain, wail, struggle, cry and wait. Watching the hateful self end his life in a sad way.

The bear had spent countless hungry nights alone, and the wind brought the smell of the wolf to it. Although the wolf's meat is sour and astringent, it has been full of expectations and disappointments for countless times. It has long reduced its requirements for meat quality. Now it just wants to fill this useless stomach.

Every time the wolf gets closer to the mountain, countless fears will increase in his heart. He imagined that he was torn, divided, chewed and digested by a hill with a palm force of nearly 2 tons, and finally turned into a pile of stinking feces. But he continued to walk forward, stepping harder with each step, as if to crack the big earthquake, and even quickened his pace.

God wondered again, what is it? What gave this ridiculous beast such power. The doubt in his heart excited the God who had been "leisurely and comfortable". The immortal didn't know why he was so interested in the wolf, so he had to continue to watch quietly and wait for the end of the animal's life.

The bear found the fear of the wolf. As the forest king, the bear pierced the wolf's disguise with his own experience, but he didn't know that the wolf had no wolf teeth after all. It has a deep-seated fear of wolves, which makes it fall into memory. One morning with the same bright full moon, he was walking on the beach. Suddenly he heard a howl and was attracted by the sound. He turned his head and looked at the endless field - a wolf was surrounded by tigers. This phenomenon is very strange. The only explanation is that he swallowed the tiger cub. Faced with this situation before, the clever bear would run away immediately, but he always thought he was very sober. He did something different from usual. It looked at the wolf. His limbs were like a dried bamboo pole. It was not thin, but the traces of hunger left on him. He stood quietly. The full moon behind made the dying wolf look particularly tall. The wolf stared at the big cat in front with a strange look, and there seemed to be no desire for life in his eyes. The bear has seen the eyes of countless kinds of animals, but it has never seen such eyes. At the moment, the tigers have completely surrounded the wolves, and each eye is full of blood. This son killing hatred is the highest level of hatred that tigers can experience. In this situation, the wolf made an action that the bear will never forget.

With an intoxicating wolf roar, the dying beast attacked the tigers. The bear was shocked, what? Even in the face of a tiger, he could only be crushed. In the face of the tigers, the wolf who was about to end his hunger took the initiative to attack. The wolf rushed and roared to death, like a fearless warrior, pulling out his long sword against the hateful fate. In an instant, the comet swept the moon, the white rainbow ran through the sun, and the waves on the sea burst up, and then condensed into a ukiyo painting. The next second, the wolf fell under the tiger's mouth, and the body was ravaged and abused. Unfortunately, it was just a body. The sober bear fell into thinking again.

Combined with the wolf's eyes, the bear thinks he is stupid, because "intelligent" creatures never look down on their life so much.

A wail interrupted the bear's analysis. A tiger fell down. There was a long and deep tooth mark on the tiger's neck. This row of marks was the last gift given by the wolf to the gods of death. When the tigers surrounded him, he focused all his energy on how to live. The only possible way for him to escape is to take the initiative to attack unexpectedly and make such a decision calmly on the edge of life and death, which means that his eyes don't look at death like home, but have no time to think about life and death. He has something that can drive him to live better than his desire for survival.

The bear watched the waste without wolf teeth pass by his eyes, but he couldn't make his body move forward. Even though his desire for food exceeded everything, reason stopped his impulse. This is enough to prove that the bear is sober.

God was stupid again. He couldn't figure out whether he was stupid or a bear. Before he came to this grassland, he never thought he would be driven crazy by an animal and a wolf. Now he wanted to get into the hearts of these two low animals and figure out everything.

The wolf clenched his teeth and walked through the hill with all his strength. The huge full moon set off his body. The cold lonely shadow shocked the bear and God. In this way, he walked out of the bear's vision.

He walked through countless hills like this until the burning fireball replaced the white wheel. A green cloud of thorns appeared.

Wolves have come to this familiar place countless times. This is heaven and hell. He knew that there lived a kind of smart rabbits, who lived leisurely and contentedly on thorns that were enough to make any giant beast bleed. This may also be the reason why other beasts lack food. He no longer thought much, aiming at a flash of white shadow, he plunged into the green cloud.

The rabbit thought that the wolf was like other beasts, so he slowed down and used his thin body to drill around in the thorns, as if playing with the beast. What he didn't expect was that the animal in front of him seemed to have no pain at all. The sharp thorns stabbed, scratched, chewed and destroyed the wolf's body, but the wolf still remained unchanged. He used his amazing explosive power to catch up with each rabbit in the field of vision, and then swallowed them into his stomach bag until his stomach was propped up into a round balloon.

From the perspective of God, you can clearly see that the wolf's stomach is cut open and his face is torn. He watched the green cloud dyed red, the blood of the wolf spilled over the wilderness, and a bloodthirsty monster killing madly in the thorns. He almost forgot that it was a wolf without wolf teeth.

The wolf looked at the red cloud behind him. A smile appeared on his scarred face. With his organs about to be split, the wolf walked step by step through the field. The hills on the field were dying. The wolf looked at him and the unstoppable smile on his face exposed the fact that he had no wolf teeth, but the bear could no longer stand up. With a smile, the wolf walked through countless hills and came to a golden sea.

The sunflowers raised their heads and looked at the wolf as proud as themselves. The samurai wore a lavender remnant glow and walked slowly in the golden sea against the sunset. God has never seen such a beautiful scene.

Stepping on the moonlight, the wolf came home.

He vomited out all the bodies in his stomach and put them in front of the children. Under the condition of extreme hunger, the body was not digested. At this moment, God finally understood. At this moment, he felt that the wolf was more like a God than himself.

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