Write a love letter, To you whom I love

One 2013 was the tenth anniversary of my husband's marriage. Ten years ago, in May, two young people, young and naive, walked into the marriage hall together. Ten years later, we can still hold each other's hands, walk together, play together, tease and joke with each other, as we did ten years ago. After paper marriage, wooden marriage and seven-year itch, we are still the closest people in each other's eyes. Maybe it is not as hard to part as before, but it has evolved into mutual help and never abandon. I have always wanted to commemorate the 10th wedding anniversary, but my husband has always been strict, lacking romance, and disliked petty bourgeoisie. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the new year, I chose a gold necklace for me. Last time, when I was married, I didn't expect that he seemed careless and careful. Because the previous one was lost, I must buy one to tie me down. I'm a simple person. I don't care much about gold and silver jewelry, just wear it. No matter what value or origin. The key is that what he gives is good, and he will collect it as a treasure. In the past ten years, we have grown from pure and simple to mature, managed a family and maintained a warm affection. My husband is mature, stable, experienced and capable. He has been promoted from an office worker to a supervisor. He cares for me and my lovely daughter both at home and abroad. People always tell others that they are proud and helpless to take two children at home. And I, the little girl who never lost sight of the world, became quiet and light. I cooked delicious food for my family every day and guided my daughter in her homework. Both of them gained dozens of pounds in weight. My fair lady and thin guy were gone, and they were touched by the secular life and became two people living a fireworks life in the world of mortals. Fortunately, time is growing, and feelings are becoming stronger and stronger. After ten years, when I look back, I flash past like a movie. We are still the treasure in each other's hands, the closest person in each other's eyes, and cannot be separated. This May is full of summer and green trees. The streets are full of shadows of oleander, pink flower buds set off among green leaves, charming and gentle, like my mood at the moment. I think of Ma De's words: Some people fall in love with a person in a moment, and love this person all their life. Yes, when we met and fell in love, we were doomed to live forever. The time of a lifetime is very short, and we should spend our whole life. Not long ago, I got the news that my husband's promotion has been secure, which is good news for us. This beautiful May is a time of double happiness. Walking that day, I smiled and asked my husband: What have we gained in the past ten years? Before the husband answered, one side of the daughter received: You have me, I treat you so well, how happy you are! Yes, looking at the beautiful and lovely daughter, happiness rises from the heart, with bright eyes and eyebrows, just like my husband's wisdom and my seriousness. At this moment, a family of three is walking in the streets full of white magnolias, with beautiful flowers and happiness spreading. II Ten years ago, I wore a blue dress, just graduated from health school, and worked as a nurse in a hospital. At that time, the sky was blue and pure, and life was simple and pure. The pure white nurse's uniform, wearing a swallow tail cap, walked with light footsteps in the ward, with a yearning for life and hope for the future. Plain clothes, light smile. Living in the army compound, people always ring the wake-up bell and turn off the lights. The command of training, the whistle of training, and the strict and professional style of the troops. He has a special feeling and cordiality for soldiers. Sometimes I also snickered at the honest and unsophisticated Muna of the new soldiers, whose faces were sunburnt, but they were all young. After being introduced, I got to know my husband. At that time, he was smart and capable in military uniform. The thin and weak appearance seems to have the bearing and cultivation of a soldier. He had just graduated from the military academy at that time. After the hard training of new recruits, the hard work and fierce competition in the military academy, he became a clerk. Since then, whenever I was free, I went to pick me up and take me to work, and gave me food. When I was at home, I would make a delicious table and send it to my neighbors upstairs and downstairs. There were countless delicious dishes, such as braised chicken pieces and braised pork chops. At that time, many people praised his intelligence and ability, saying that my family had found a capable son-in-law. At that time, I would write a hot love letter to me. When I was on duty, I wrote continuous love words under the lamp. His letters, which were originally fond of literature, have irresistible charm and appeal to people. At that time, I wrote a little poem saying that everyone in love is a poet, which is true. The surging passion, continuous missing, wrote a hot love letter. Every time I receive a letter, I open it in the dead of night, and he will carefully correct every word of mine, just like a teacher does his homework. It's a pity that because of the move, I don't know where I went. I remember a few days ago, when I saw that a friend kept the letters of love, I could not help regretting that those should be kept. I brought them to him a few years later. They were sugar coated bullets, empty talk, or concrete actions. I remember that at the bank of Liu'an Lake, two people recited "The Story of Yueyang Tower" together, and they showed no sign of weakness to see who could remember it clearly. Yueyang is his hometown. There is always an unspeakable friendship for his hometown, which leads to countless homesickness. On the small soil slope, he raised me to watch the train that arrived in Yueyang and said that he would take you back to see my hometown next time. There is a land of fish and rice, rich in grass and beautiful in water. I will be dizzy until I beg for mercy. He said that when he was old, he would accompany me to my hometown to live in the countryside, grow vegetables, fish and live a fireworks life. I smiled and nodded, and he hugged me happily. When I don't go to work, I just ride my bike through the streets and alleys and walk around the ancient city. Even if I am very tired, I don't feel like I always have honey in my heart. Or you can borrow a motorbike like a racing car to drive past and sit behind him, and you will feel the happiest person in the world. He said that he liked me as gentle as water, with full eyebrows and eyes. I liked his reliability, steadiness and manliness. The convergence of vision is the melting of love and affection. It is warm and romantic, like a rose blooming quietly. The Third In May 2003, during the SARS epidemic, we got married. There are wedding dresses, diamond rings, blessings, and simple rented houses. All this is enough. With him, you will have everything. At that time, he was full of confidence and felt that he was the most reliable and trustworthy person. Since then, my life has been handed over to this person. Since then, the wind and rain have been together and supported each other. Remembering what the host said, you are willing to stay with him all your life, regardless of disease or disaster. The husband and wife have always been together in adversity. There was no vacation. We didn't go to the coastal city of Qingdao until August. The Zhanqiao Pier, the endless stream of tourists, the gentle sea breeze, and the happy us. The sky is blue, and the color of the sea is more clear and blue. There are also seagulls flying in the sky, speedboats flying by, different landscapes, and wonderful feelings. Arrive at the picturesque Badaguan, which is said to be the place where leaders take a vacation. The environment is quiet, the trees are luxuriant, and many couples are taking wedding photos. Seeing the photos taken by other couples, he was very close, but he only looked like a soldier, rigid and stiff. I was so angry that my mouth pursed, and he forced a hug. These soldiers were trained one by one and their brains were washed. At the beach, we played with the sea to our heart's content against the sea breeze. The white waves hit, and he took me to swim to the depths of the sea, allowing the waves to send us to heaven and earth. They cheered and jumped in the sea as much as they could. When the waves came, they lifted me up and scared me to hold his neck. Afraid of falling. The sun is very poisonous, but we enjoy ourselves and are not afraid of getting sunburnt. At that time, with him, we had the whole world. "Four" My best friend said how she married an outsider without the help of her family. I smiled and said that I would marry him instead of his family. Facts have proved that it is true that Yaoyou said that his family wanted him back soon after he got married. There are three brothers and sisters. There is no boy at home. I need to help with many things. My husband asked for my advice. I said go back. I'll do my parents' work. Mom sighed and said that someone had said that you would go to other places. As long as you were happy, it would be the same everywhere. Understanding his hardship, parents and hometown is an indelible concern in his mind. As a result, we became the only one among their comrades in arms to go back. And I took my wife back. Up to now, many people have joked that you didn't become a soldier in vain and cheated a wife to come back. At the end of 2003, he used his parents' relationship to transfer him back to his hometown Yueyang. We packed our simple bags and returned to Yueyang with a deposit of 30000 yuan and wedding photos. Before, it was almost the same whether I was married or not with my parents. Now I was far away from my hometown and realized that the test was coming. When I first arrived in Yueyang, I didn't know my place well. Unable to understand the dialect, he accompanied me to the Yuelu Mountain, Juzizhou Head, Yuelu Academy and Aiwan Pavilion in Changsha without arranging work. Traveling in the footsteps of great men and learning about Xiaoxiang culture, it has a long history and culture. This piece of land is what I love, because with him, everywhere is home. During the Spring Festival, he was assigned to be on duty, and I stayed at home alone with my parents in law. The first time away from parents, lonely, sad. I couldn't help shedding tears. Later, when my husband knew about it, he took me to the army. The New Year in the barracks is lively and interesting. There is also a pair of concerned eyes and steadfast shoulders. Wu In the first year, love is sweet, enjoying the world of two people. I cooked rice every day, waited for him to come back, and then walked hand in hand. Happy love is like nobody else. Otherwise, he will be ready, cut the vegetables, and when he comes back to stir fry, his level is better than that of the chef, which is the result of starting to work at the age of seven. It seems that the children of the poor have already become masters of their families. They are no more charming than I am. They don't know how to take care of others. The next year, I was pregnant, and the strong pregnancy reaction made me fidget, vomit violently, and lose weight quickly. Someone told me that the wiser the child, the more trouble. I also cited some cases where I should feel that I should suffer because there will be a genius baby born. Men can't believe what they say. It's obviously that we are suffering, but they talk about everything. Five or six months later, she told stories to her baby every day, played music and read poetry. My husband laughed, but he didn't understand. You didn't waste your time. In fact, the baby knows, because she is jumping in her belly. In fact, the daughter is now sensitive to music and literature, which is the credit of that association. In the third year, my daughter was born. After witnessing the whole process, my husband loved me even more. Walking through the gate of death, it turns out that every woman is stoic. The birth of our daughter made us busy. My mother-in-law was busy. Just after the full moon, we took her on the train to my hometown. It took me a whole night to get home. My mother said she knew she was far away from her marriage. I watched my daughter grow up every day. She was half a year old. My husband drove from Hunan to see us. All the way through the hard journey, there is constant concern between relatives. On the way back, the road was slippery when it rained. The car ran into the guardrail and was scrapped. Fortunately, I was fine. I kept it a secret until later. Now I am very frightened. Maybe my daughter and I are worried about it, so he will live a safe life. Happiness should be that everyone is safe. In the fourth year, I bought a house. My family's economy began to be strained, so I broke a penny into two. I didn't buy new clothes for a year, and I took my daughter to two places. Although he had his own house, he borrowed money and owed a lot of debts. The shrewd husband used only 70000 to decorate a house of more than 100 square meters, which was elegant and comfortable. Compared with those who spent more than 100000 yuan, they are affordable and beautiful. I can't help but be thankful that I have not found the wrong person. Two pairs of shoes were damaged during the whole process of decoration, so you can imagine how hard it was. The whole family can stay together and guard the warm house. Although they are poor, they are happy and practical. A small house built with love, a husband's love and a daughter's tender laughter are the most beautiful things in the world. In the fifth year, Fu bought a car and drove a white Toyota to take us for a ride. He smiled and said, "Look at the house and the car. We have them all under our struggle.". What do you say is lacking. I said, but also you and the baby's endless, continuous love. Happiness should be the beautiful years that a family keeps together and weaves with love, tolerance, care and dedication. In a familiar city, we live a safe and happy life, and our families are healthy and inseparable from each other. Later, when my daughter is old, she will visit one or two places every year. Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang, Beijing, Weihai, Penglai and Sanya will enjoy the family's warmth in those beautiful places. Walking broadens our vision and enhances our feelings. Wait for what you said, and take me to China after my transfer. Many holidays, are on duty, can not go out often, as a soldier's wife, has been used to. Last winter, Fu changed his car to a Hananda. He said that a man should have a car he likes, so that he can have a sense of achievement. Although I know that you like cars more than I do, acquiesce. Don't smoke or play cards. That's all. My parents in law treat me like their daughters. They call me back if there is something delicious. When I leave, I can't carry them. When I am sick, I run around and around. The whole family should be equal to each other. Lu Listening to Li Hanying's Meet in the Deepest World of mortals, I was tactful and sentimental, remembering that we met and fell in love with each other across a long distance. It is the predestined fate of a previous life, and it is also doomed that you will be spoiled in this life, and you will never grow up as a child. Be capricious and coquettish in your arms. My husband, like my father and brother, should have cared. Women are always greedy for that little warmth and enjoy it. After marriage, you have formed the habit of not taking keys. You said I was at home, so you never took them. You know, no matter how late it is, I will always leave a light for you to come back. Home has also become an eternal concern, a warm home for the heart, and a lingering and gentle corner. When you are away, I don't look at the moon at the window. I'm afraid I will miss you forever. I only read quietly, and put my thoughts in the book. When you come back, the book will be full of thoughts, and you will be twined with tender feelings. We have become a habit of each other. We will miss each other when we can't see. As long as you are here, we can do other things quietly. We can still watch a movie hand in hand and be moved by the characters in the story. Write a letter to you. Those fine and fragmentary feelings record the beauty of the years. Several years later, I was still moved when I read it. Put your smile into the first ray of sunshine in the morning and ask it to accompany me to welcome every new day. In the morning fog, it blooms into the most beautiful fragrance. No longer ask how far you will always be, no longer ask whether you can love me all your life, just look forward to two pairs of no longer clear eyes in the twilight years, each other. The trembling body is the crutch of the other party. Listen to you call an old woman, and then walk in the sunset, becoming the most beautiful silhouette

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