You are the most beautiful face in my life

With my woman's hand, I sketch the emotional world of men, which is also delicate and bold.

There is a kind of waiting, which is called fate in this life. I will string up my feelings and send them to you as bracelets when we meet in the next life.

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Fireworks rain lane, sunset fishing songs, I often search hard in the scenery I cross. Let my mind pass through the desert smoke, there are women in white, still holding pipa, flicking fingers, looking back and moving. It is pitiful that when I reach out, my voice and appearance are lost, and the only dust and smoke are ethereal one night. I look at the years and the more handsome faces in the years. The stubborn corner of my mouth is like the mouth of a volcano, God knows the infinite energy nurtured in my body. I look forward to gushing out at a certain moment without a date.

In that rainy season, I met you in the narrow and quiet lane. The bright eyes that I had met were like a clear spring. I knew that the woman I was looking for was right in front of me. Her long flowing hair warmed my clasped fingers. The faint fragrance was just like a long-standing familiar taste. Maybe I had loved you in a previous life, so I had the slight heartache at this time. I looked at you for a long time and loved you for a long time, I infiltrated the mellow emotion like ink into the dexterity of words, whispered into rain, wetted my eyes and my mood. It also wetted the long rain lane we walked through. I don't want to explain how I walked through those miserable days. You are walking away behind me.

Bury a relationship deeply, cherish it in the green years.

I believe that fate, love has been sleeping, there will always be time to transform into a butterfly. In the process of transformation, I finally learned that many people, many things, will leave us without giving up, leaving more than just scars. Perhaps, if you lose the best, there will be better. After the rainy season, I knocked on another open door of my heart and met another hot you. This is a woman who made me decide to join hands in my life. I used the kindness and tenderness inherent in my nature to slightly intoxicate your face. I transferred responsibility and emotion into coffee and put it in your tired palm. I like watching your happy drinking, and then in your happiness, perfect the love and deep feeling I lack.

However, perhaps it was too simple for me to imagine. I could only explain it this way. Endless quarrels tired the first promises. That night, when we parted, the moon disappeared.

I am puzzled by the topic of marriage.

When another marriage touched my heart, I became a little melancholy. Carefully, I learned about another kind of maturity in the world. I took care of this hard won harbor with the arm of a man. The wind and waves hit me, dear. The wind and sand sweep by, dear, don't be afraid. In the tolerance of love, responsibility melts into flesh and blood. Your temperament and your charm have become the most beautiful scenery in my life. I wander and rest in this landscape, and I stretch out your depressed emotions with constant temperature warmth. However, I no longer take the oath as a cocoon, ordinary and hard to maintain a warm, I think, I have done my best.

Age scarred, the unfathomable growth rings ran over the young impulse. Sitting in the quiet night with the light yellow candle fire, I gazed at some past in meditation. Many unknown loneliness was like the night wind. Through the curtains, the cool wind brushed my face. Life was originally a one-way journey, and I lost it. Why? Occasionally, there will be some regret, weaving a web of care, so worried, what am I still lingering in my memory or waiting for?

Gradually understand that human nature, some yearnings that still cannot be pressed in the bones, are feelings beyond the distance. They always fall in front of the case when they are tired, and the spiritual field dries up tears and caresses the vicissitudes of life. The bright eyes that I want to miss are just watching quietly. The tiredness of my body disappears, and the knot in my heart opens. I can't catch your breath of a woman who is not stained with the world. I can only feel a kind of uncertain feelings under your silent instructions. I stay a watchful attitude in this feeling. Every time I come in alone, I invite you out of the pavilion. The other side is surrounded by the sound of piano and the moonlight is like water at night, I'm waiting at your unknown intersection.

People live all their lives with happiness and bitterness. When walking in the real world, they always need to be led by dreams. They should conclude a feeling of venting loneliness outside the world of mortals. They expect to be beautiful all the time. If they get lucky, they will not die. They should calmly face each fate. Cherish the present, cherish what you have.

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