You let my wife guard the empty room, and I made your wife cry and break her heart

Luyao and Malik are good friends. Luyao's father is a rich businessman and Malik's father is a servant of Luyao's family. Although it is a master servant relationship, they have a good relationship. They read and play together. It's time to talk about marriage. Lu Yao is rich and powerful. He doesn't worry about having no wife, but Ma Li is poor. No one has proposed marriage all the time.

One day, a matchmaker proposed marriage to Ma Li. Ma Li was very happy, but he asked for an expensive bride price. Ma Li had to ask her classmate Lu Yao for help. Lu Yao said: it's OK to borrow money, but I'll replace you three days before you get married. Ma Li has been suffering for three days. On the fourth day, it's his wedding. He's upset!!!

As soon as it was dark, she fell into her bridal chamber and went to bed with her head covered. The bride asked: husband, why did she read all night for the first three nights and sleep with her head covered today? Ma Li knew that Lu Yao had made a big joke on him. He was really happy and angry. He vowed to study hard and get fame. Later, he was admitted and became a senior official in the capital.

Lu Yao has a bold and unconstrained temperament and is chivalrous and courageous. At last, he sits on a mountain and eats nothing. Seeing that his family is really unable to survive, he thinks of his once funded friend Ma Li, so he discusses with his wife about going to Beijing to ask him for help. Ma Li warmly entertained, Lu Yao explained his intention, but Ma Li said: drink! Drink! He didn't mean to help him at all. Lu Yao was very annoyed.

After a few days, Ma Li said: brother Lu, you go home, so as not to worry about your wife! Luyao had to go home in anger and frustration. Before entering the house, he heard the family crying. He hurried in and saw his wife and children crying bitterly while guarding a coffin. When Luyao came in, his family was surprised and happy.

It turned out that Ma Li sent someone to deliver the coffin and said: After Lu Yao arrived in the capital, he became seriously ill and died of ineffective treatment! Lu Yao was more angry. He opened the coffin and saw that there were gold and silver belongings inside. There was a note that said: you let my wife guard the empty room, and I let your wife cry and break her heart

A true friend is not a matter of clever words and gestures, but of connecting hearts. Life is just a few decades, and how many friends do you know, but how many people can really understand your heart and really cherish you? If you are lucky enough to have such a sincere friend, cherish it! Don't talk lightly because of some trivial misunderstandings. A true friend is the most precious wealth in your life. Let's not be lonely all the way.

The so-called: a long way to know the horsepower, a long time to see the hearts of the people.

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