You look like a hedgehog, but I really want to hug you

Originally wanted to write "Nan You", but when typing, he mistyped it as "boyfriend". Subconsciously want to change, and then feel that this is also good.

Perhaps the reason why "Mr. Nanyou" named his pseudonym "Nanyou" is that he is waiting for these small mistakes. It seems like a premeditated prank.

Cunning, interesting and warm.

I've known my boyfriend for some years. At first, it's because of his book "you're just ugly as I like". Very strange name, just like himself.

At first, I opened the book just out of curiosity. As a result, I didn't expect myself to fall into it and read it continuously. After closing the book, I thought about it for a long time and suddenly wanted to see the author.

Not only because his story is attractive enough, but also because he always mentioned this sentence repeatedly in the article, "I'm Nan you, and I'm still handsome."

What kind of person can write such a wonderful and heartwarming story?

But I still couldn't see him, but I waited for his second book, "you look like a hedgehog, but I really want to hug you".

The title of the book is as strange as ever, but this time, it is obviously more tender.

As he wrote in the book——

"We are all eager for each other's good, we are all eager to be hugged, but we are all afraid, love hurts.

We are all hedgehogs, proud and lonely, just on the surface. The heat wave in my heart rolled and scalded, waiting for someone to approach us one day, and then smiled and told us: 'it's okay, even if I'm stabbed by you, I'll still hug you'. "

There are nearly 70 stories in the book: the "moon cake" whose girlfriend cheated and could only hide in the room and cry; Falling in love with Tibetan guys, always crying drunk girl "bat"; Unable to find his future, Gao Bin can only let go of love... Nan You tells us a hedgehog waiting to be loved from all dimensions. Each one is deja vu. Put together, it's a living ourselves.

Yes, in our life, there is no such a small hedgehog, lonely and sensitive, even hugging is full of hesitation - just like every one of you.

But Nan you also said:

"Maybe we are all too easy to trap ourselves and erase many, many possibilities of our life. That's why we feel that life is boring and the world is monotonous.

When you take a step forward, you may find that the world is different.

Maybe every night is similar, so lonely and dark; But every morning is different, because the new day has infinite possibilities.

Maybe one day you will find love ugly, but as long as you are brave, you can be the best when love is the ugliest. "

Yes, so, although some words in the South write about the joys and sorrows of the world, they always give people hope.

Not only do we find ourselves in Nan You's stories, but Nan you also integrates all of us into every story. Therefore, when we read his article, we will easily find: ah, it turns out that Mr. Nan you likes mayday.

Some time ago, everyone was crazy about playing with the "18-year-old" trick in the circle of friends, because as soon as 2018 arrived, the youngest post-90s generation was also 18-year-old adults. Mr. Nan you was born in 90. He is eighteen years old. In fact, it has been ten years.

However, looking at his book, I still feel that the whole world is still in the midsummer of youth, which will never disappear.

Mayday has a song called "post puberty poetry".

And Mr. Nanyou is the embodiment of this poem.

Then, my dear, post adolescent hedgehog boyfriend, let me hug you. Thank you for writing so many moving stories.

Yes, I didn't type wrong.

I may not really see you in my life, but my distant and close boyfriend.

Let me hug you.

Book: "you look like a hedgehog, but I really want to hug you." Mr. Nan You

Born in 1990, Cantonese, Capricorn.

A literary and artistic young man who fought naked with the secular world and wrote all the emotions and desires of the world with his ideals and deep feelings.

Write stories, love poems, seven emotions and six desires; There is temperature, depth and breadth.

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