you will slowly sing the ballad of the 1980s and the love of the 1990

When Ashu met Xiaoyu, Ashu was 22 years old and Xiaoyu was 17 years old.

Xiaoyu has big dark eyes and lips like rose petals. Xiaoyu laughed like a rose blooming in the morning.

Xiaoyu cried. The tears were the dew left on the petals last night, bright and crystal, drop by drop.

This is Ashu's first love. Before I met Xiaoyu, Ashu only knew how to draw and read, but never knew that girls were so cute.

Later, Xiaoyu appeared. She leaned over the sofa, her big eyes flashing, listening to a group of boys playing the guitar and singing in a soft voice: I'll sing a song. I'll sing the old song gently, and you will slowly sing the ballad of the 1980s and the love of the 1990s.

Later, things changed. A friend of Ashu said to Xiaoyu, "You like drawing. I teach you. You are willing to sing. I introduce you to the teacher. You can be a singer.". Xiaoyu is young and doesn't know the depth of the world. She listened to his words and went to his home to see painting. That night, Xiaoyu didn't go home.

Ashu soon learned what happened that night, and it was the friend who told him personally. Ashu's heart aches one valve at a time. Xiaoyu opened her big eyes and looked at Ah Shu in surprise. Ashu thinks it's Xiaoyu's fault and he can't forgive her.

Ashu insists on breaking up with Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu cried all night after she came home, but she didn't quite understand what she had done. She couldn't argue. She chose to leave the city. She was only 17 years old. She thought she was still young and wanted to start again. She didn't know that she was 17 years old and had a heart that was badly hurt.

After Xiaoyu left, Ashu began his wandering life. He went from city to city aimlessly. Sleeping in the street garden of the city, watching the face of the private boss. He was so gloomy that he was at a loss.

He began to miss Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu would never intentionally hurt him. Xiaoyu would look up at him and listen to him humming the song: The farthest you are my recent love. At midnight, he would think of Xiaoyu and could not sleep.

Three years later, he met Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu had been admitted to college. She was in her sophomore year. During the summer vacation, she came to the seaside for vacation and met him by accident.

Only then did he find that his love was unstoppable like the tide. He longed to keep her, but Xiaoyu smiled and said, "If you had not wanted me, I would not have been today.". Ashu knew Xiaoyu's smile was not true, but he could do nothing.

Xiaoyu gets on the train and goes back to school. Ashu sees her off. Xiaoyu waved to him in the carriage, tears falling down as she waved. Xiaoyu grew up. She knew what she had done wrong in her life, but she could do nothing.

Xiaoyu is in college, and some excellent boys are chasing her. She also went to see movies, eat, go to parks, and walk on the mall of the campus with them. But she was absent-minded. She missed Ashu. She knew he never gave her an answer. He looked at her with melancholy eyes, or looked elsewhere, and said nothing. She spent all night, all month, and all year thinking of him, and she also hoped that he would not be sad.

She called him long distance and wanted to ask him for an answer, but there was a long silence on the other end of the phone. Xiaoyu's tears, like pearls with broken threads, wet her handkerchief.

Time flies. Xiaoyu graduated in the twinkling of an eye and was assigned to the city by the sea. By this time, Ashu had gone through many vicissitudes and returned to his hometown. After Xiaoyu worked for a year, he went home to visit his relatives. Ashu took his new girlfriend and a group of old friends to have dinner with Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu talked and laughed all night, slapping Ashu on the shoulder, telling jokes and drinking hard. Ashu's new girlfriend turned pale with envy and left.

But the story remains the same. Ashu has no answer, and Xiaoyu must leave.

Years later, Xiaoyu grew up. She had learned to deal with changes calmly. But when she met Ashu, Xiaoyu would return to her 17th birthday immediately, a moment of brilliance and an eternal sigh.

Later, Xiaoyu chose one of the many boys who chased her, got married and gave birth to a beautiful child.

Xiaoyu returns to her hometown with her children. She sees Ashu again. Ashu has broken up with his girlfriend, and Xiaoyu's marriage is on the verge of extinction. The sisters all said that Ashu had been waiting for Xiaoyu all his life.

Xiaoyu thought, what happened to her life? After walking so far, I made a big circle and returned to the original place.

Ashu looked at her with loving eyes. She pretended to be easy to tell jokes, and he couldn't help squeezing her nose. She bowed her head and was very sad. Ashu bent down and kissed her. The kiss made Xiaoyu suffocate and made her feel that the earth was old and the sky was deserted.

Xiaoyu takes the child to leave again. Really, this endless love is really unbearable. Perhaps, Ashu's gentle heart is willing to stay in the endless dark night forever, right?

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