Because love is in my heart

"Because we are no different, we look up to the same starry sky when it is dark..." the song of a chorus of "no difference" hovers in the night sky of Qiao village, and it seems that we can't bear to leave. However, with the host's words, "I hereby declare that the literary and artistic performance of the practice team in midsummer of flowers is over". The song stopped, and we also realized that ten days have passed. Tomorrow is when we say goodbye to these lovely children and embark on the road back to school.

Recalling the first day when I first came to Shiqiao village, the weather was sunny all the way. However, when I opened the door, there was a sudden rainstorm without any precaution, so it appeared. Unexpectedly, the God of the village gave us such a special "surprise" to welcome our arrival. We could only stay in the car for about twoorthree minutes. The rain stopped and the sun came out. We even doubted whether artificial rainfall had come too suddenly. We hurried to move our luggage to the dormitory arranged by the headmaster in advance. Because my foot injury made it difficult to move, my teammates helped me fix all my things. As for me, I jumped to the bed one by one, watched them clean up, and waited for them to bring me rice. So in the past ten days, I sincerely thank my teammates for their care and kindness. In these ten days of life, 31 of us have one heart and many strange faces at the beginning. Time has made us familiar and established deep friendship. In life, we tease each other and help each other at work. Maybe after returning to school, everyone becomes busy and neglects contact because of study. However, I hope that when you recall the days of going to the countryside three times later, you can still clearly remember such a me, Is my greatest honor.

When I went to the countryside, it was the fourth day when my feet could walk, which meant that the students had been in class for four days, but I had not met them. Would they feel strange? With confidence and anxiety, I stepped into the second grade classroom. The first class made me feel like I had failed. The course I thought was well prepared seemed to be full of loopholes in front of that group of students. I was too optimistic. I didn't expect that the children were so difficult to deal with and couldn't find a way to deal with it at once. With the help of their acting head teacher, Xin Kui slowly learned about them and established a good relationship with them, and they slowly began to accept me. So, there was our class at 8:30. At more than 6 o'clock in the morning, they got up at the window on time, which was even more punctual than the alarm clock. Looking at them, they were always happy and could only smile helplessly. Students of Shiqiao primary school, your innocent smiles and lovely faces are deeply engraved in my mind and can't be erased. I hope I can often see your figures in my dreams. That's a beautiful dream.

Sitting in the car, across the glass window, seeing them waving their hands, my heart couldn't help shaking a little. Tears and joy all poured into my heart. The most thing I wanted to say was that time passed so fast, and the ten day summer practice ended like this. From the joy and curiosity at the beginning to the nostalgia and reluctance now, all kinds of feelings have drifted through my heart in this short and long ten days, which is hard to forget! During these ten days of summer practice, I have gained a lot, including friendship and experience. This "three trips to the countryside" activity is not only a good learning platform, but also a good opportunity for us to exercise ourselves and contact the society. First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity and those people who have always encouraged me to persevere!

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