Blossoms are like cherishing

"Blossoms are like cherishing each other, but when they fall, never leave each other. Make the flowers fragrant and cover the clothes, and brush the flowers and leaves desolately. Drunk on the meaning of the flowers, the flowers are like attachments. Even if you interpret the language of flowers, the frost and snow are under the flower fence." Falling in love can't escape the fate of labor and Yan Feifei. How to know each other, how to love each other, even if they can't fight the arrangement of fate. How many infatuations, buried in the flower mound of Lishang, entangled in memory, haunting the moonless night. Sentient beings can't overcome the fate of fate; affectionate feelings can't wear through the hardness of the Sansheng Stone, and the fate of being unable to return to the sky always locates each other. "It's always been a shallow relationship, but it's a deep love. Since the piano is up, why is it silent." "If life is only as first seen, what is the west wind sadness painting fan", only the sadness will be added. Long time, ten thousand years of painstaking, non-stop obsession, just to piece together a complete waiting. Suddenly, it was like a dream, the flowers fell into his home, the famous flowers had their owners, and they already wore other people's wedding clothes, "I originally had my heart for the bright moon, but the bright moon shines on the ditch." The wind is uncertain, and people are impermanent. Flowers bloom and fall, and the fates come and go, like water, like duckweed, gathered and scattered. Thousands of years of waiting can't equal to missing one season. Even if there are all kinds of tenderness and thousands of words, there is nowhere to say anything desolate, and there is only one person who hides deeply. This water gap, separated by a distance of tens of thousands of years, is wrong, and it is always missed! When time blocks fate and we meet again, maybe it's because the memory is white and wrinkled. One person's lovesickness, the powerless twist of the universe, standing on the opposite side is the distance of the world, wanting to say nothing, forbearing the pain, all he thinks is the assumption of what if, the line of fate that is powerless to return to the sky, the unchangeable route. Suddenly I thought of Nalan Rongruo, how worthy it was, in every word it was revealed, the thoughts of my lover, one by one, suddenly appeared on the paper. "Whoever thinks that the west wind is cool alone, Xiaoxiao and Huangye close the window, meditate on the past and set the setting sun." More depictions are only for love, and only for Acacia! Destiny is in a hurry, you missed the love you want to tell, you are not waiting for the future and you are not waiting for it, you only hate "I am not born when you are born, I am old when you are born". Tens of thousands of years of persistence, after waking up, the belated love is doomed to be missed. Recalling the back of Shenwang's disappearance, playing the piano alone, outside the window, "protecting you" is just like yesterday. A sour smile, hiding the pain in my heart, thinking of you has always been in your heart... you know? "If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind and sad painting fan. It is easy to change but the old people's hearts, but the old people's hearts are easy to change." Hope you, everything is fine! When flowers bloom, they cherish each other, and when they fall, they cannot leave each other. In the previous stories, the protagonists of you and me were different fireworks. In the hut of love, honey means sweet memories, there is a period of time, accompanied by you, is enough. Cherish the situation in front of you, and let go of what you should give up. This is the maturity of life. Silently waiting, quietly watching, is also an expression of love, as long as you are well, it will be sunny!

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