Cool dance

Cool dance

When I talk about music, I think of rock music. I love rock and dance!

And I have a special love for dance since I was a child. I like many dances, such as ballet dance, jazz dance, tap dance, modern dance, folk dance and hip-hop dance, but my favorite is tap dance. I like it. I like everything about him. I will pay great attention to it. In everything about tap dancing. I like it because when I see it, I think of my favorite tap dance, big river. Because I like tap dance, like rock, so, naturally fell in love with the various rock styles.

I'm very grateful to the rock and roll style. If it's rock and roll, maybe I'll lose something I love. I'm grateful that tap dance has such a rhythmic dance and adds my favorite dance style.

Everyone has their own favorite music, I like rock and roll. Rock and roll is like my confidant, who knows me better than anyone else.

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