Dance clothes - dance performance

Dance clothes - dance performance

Today, in the concert hall of the park, a gorgeous dance stage is set up, with lights flashing on the stage. This is a selection of TV presenters, you can register on site, I see many little girls are prepared, put on the little princess group, some of the girl's parents even make up for the girl. These girls are more excited, so are adults. If you can be elected as a TV presenter, you can earn more money and let the children in the city know themselves. What a beautiful thing it is.
dance stage

Under the stage is also a sea of people, everyone is very curious which lovely girl will be very lucky to be selected. At the beginning of the selection, after the staff of the TV station sat down, the girls who signed up for the show one by one. I believe these girls are well prepared, because their clothes are not usually dressed, one by one very lovely, also very lively, like a little princess.

After each little princess came on stage, there would be a burst of warm applause to show their support. Until a little girl came on the stage, the applause weakened, because the little girl didn't wear a skirt, and she didn't dress very cute. She was just wearing a cotton padded jacket, as if she didn't change her clothes after entering the stadium, just wearing a pair of cheap tap dancing shoes. I heard someone whisper about the girl's clothes, and even why her parents didn't prepare a better dress for her. But I think the little girl is very sunny. I think the parents who talk about the little girl may be a little too serious.

At the beginning of the dance competition, the simple little girl, with a good voice and a good laugh, had great potential. Her voice seemed to have feelings. Seeing her excellent performance and other people's comments, I thought of the Turkish scientist in the little prince. When he published his findings in Turkish clothes, others didn't approve of him. When he changed into a suit, others agreed. What a ridiculous thing it is. It's all caused by clothes.

The result of the competition came out. The little girl came second and entered the final. The little girl must know that clothes can't cover up a person's strength.

The next morning, my aunt called my mother. Invite us to the final dance show. At two o'clock in the afternoon, my mother and I came to the final song and dance troupe with great expectation.

When I came to the final group, I found my seat according to the number on the ticket and sat down. After a while, the dance began. All of a sudden, the dark stage lights appeared one by one. Melodious music sounded in my ears. Several little girls wearing cheap ballet shoes and colorful skirts led the dance with their soft and beautiful posture. Then the two male teachers came to the center of the stage with light steps and began to dance light ballet. I couldn't help but be intoxicated, and the audience gave them warm applause.

Then a group of naive and lovely children appeared. Their performance made us laugh and won people's attention.

All of a sudden, the light is bright, the big screen behind the dance stage changes tactfully, and with the flashing of the light, it outlines a beautiful picture. A girl in a red ballet skirt and cheap ballet dance shoes appeared on the stage. Her arms were soft and her dancing posture was elegant, as if she were a noble ballet princess. Her wonderful performance impressed the audience.

After watching a series of performances, I can't help thinking that they are so powerful that when can I be the same as them, but "as long as I have deep Kung Fu, an iron pestle will grind into a needle" as long as I keep on working hard, maybe one day I will stand on the stage.

This performance made me understand a truth: three minutes on dance stage and ten years off stage, there must be efforts behind success. Believe me, I will do better in the near future.

No matter what cheap dance shoes you wear, as long as you have the heart to work hard and have worked hard in the future, then she is the most shining star on the stage!

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