How to Chioce Dance Shoes

Three types of dance shoes purchase points

A pair of suitable dancing shoes is very important for a dancer, it is the cohesion of the dancing soul. Dance shoes include Latin dance shoes, modern dance shoes, mixed dance shoes, jazz dance shoes, modern dance shoes, ballet shoes (pointe shoes), folk dance shoes, children's dance shoes and so on.

Jazz dance shoes are generally disconnected in the middle. Advantages: Only the heel and forefoot have insoles. The purpose is to fully open the instep to maximize the collapse of the instep. Generally, the sole has a certain anti-skid effect on the wooden floor. : Most of the high-top styles are slightly cumbersome and thick and stuffy. You must choose well-ventilated shoes with holes and buy two more pairs in turn, otherwise it will smell


How to buy ballet shoes

Ballet, modern ballet dance: this is not recommended, because it will appear that the legs are relatively short, and there will be no feeling of instep or toe

Classical dance: This is still possible, if you do jumping skills, you will not be easily injured.

Folk dance: it is also possible, but it is inevitable that there will be some discomfort, which will affect the appearance a little

Summary: The biggest advantage of jazz boots is that they can well protect the feet and ankles, but the disadvantage is that they are not suitable for dancing that is too graceful, which will not only affect the appearance, but also be uncomfortable.

(1) Choose height

For the first time wear, try to choose 5.5cm, 6.0cm, 6.5cm, 7.0cm cm to increase the height. Because the height of ordinary heels worn on the feet is basically 2.5cm-3cm, choose a pair of 5cm-7cm height-increasing shoes, and there is basically no feeling of discomfort. After wearing for a period of time, there is an adaptation process, and then you can choose 8-10CM inner height shoes.

(Two) choose style

Pay attention to the choice of style, style matching should be in line with personal clothing habits and preferences. For example, employees in work units can generally choose classic black casual business-style height-increasing shoes. For young people around 20 years old, if they prefer to travel and leisure, they can choose sports height-increasing shoes and board shoes.

(Three) choose leather

Pay attention to the choice of leather, because shoes are made of various leathers, such as: pattern leather, hand-grained leather, embossed leather, soft leather, bright leather, etc.

(4) Selection of foot type

Pay attention to choosing shoes that suit your foot type. Such as wide version, thin version, pointed tip, etc.

(5) Number of codes selected

Height-increasing shoes are generally one size larger than ordinary shoes, but there are also a few normal sizes, and a few are smaller or two sizes. Please check the size carefully with the customer service before buying, so as to prevent the shoes from receiving inappropriate wearing and trouble changing.

Men's height-increasing shoes are now very common and there are many brands. Choose a pair of professional height-increasing shoes, which are not only comfortable to wear, but also very invisible, so you don't have to worry about being seen.

They are also known as pointe shoes. You must try them on when you buy them. Put on the shoes, gently pull the laces and tie a looser knot. First, see if the overall shape fits the foot. Pointe shoes must look as suitable as the second skin, that is, have the same length and width as the foot. Pay attention, maybe your feet will be big and small. So try on both feet.

Indicators that should be paid attention to when choosing toe shoes:

(1) Toe cap: Some people's feet are long and thin, some are wide, and some people have very wide toe bones, so you should pay attention to your foot shape when choosing shoes instead of wearing narrow shoes. It looks better but barely wears it.

(2) Hardness: especially the hardness of the shoe board. Usually divided into three types: soft, medium and hard. It is not advisable to buy shoes that are too soft, especially for beginners, because the foot strength is not enough. Too soft shoes may cause injury to the feet due to poor support. Shoes that are too hard are often difficult to stretch the feet, which increases the burden on the ankles. This kind of hard shoes are generally made for actors who have a particularly high instep and cost shoes. If you buy a shoe that is too hard, break it down until you can stretch your toes.

(3) Shoe height: Some shoes have different heights, which are divided into flat, medium and high. However, the shoes that can be bought in China are all high in height, that is, the toes are partly empty. So when buying a try-on, you can buy a tighter one. Step on the upper a few times after returning home to make it soft and fit the instep. If the height becomes shorter, the width will naturally become wider.

Dip the toe with water: Dip a little bit of water on the toe and upper of the shoe with cotton, it will make the shoes change according to your foot shape. Another method is to replace water with alcohol, and the shoes will not soften so quickly.

Tips for buying modern dance shoes

(1) Beginners are generally middle heels

(2) The training is made of satin. This material is indeed much more comfortable to wear than imitation leather and leather. Some of my teammates bought imitation leather, saying that the fabric is not soft enough and the feet are very uncomfortable.

(3) There are indeed modern dance shoes and Latin dual-purpose shoes, it is better to buy them separately. Latin focuses on the soles of the feet, but Modern is not.

How to buy Latin dance shoes

The design of Latin dance shoes is based on the principles of human mechanics, super soft, and the sole is turned over, because Latin dance needs to use toes more, and meets the special requirements of Latin dance such as stretching the instep. Women's Latin dance shoes have openings in the front half and bands in the back half, so you can dance with steady steps. For men, there is not much difference, but the heel is higher. When shopping for Latin shoes, you must not only have beautiful styles, but also be soft, wear-resistant, breathable, and comfortable.


When buying dance supplies, you must look at the quality. When buying dance clothes, you should first smell the aromatic and kerosene odor; second, you must see whether the brand has passed the national quality management system certification. Before putting on the clothes, you can wash them with water to minimize the possible residues in the clothes. In addition, you can also check the color firmness!

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