Ladies choose Latin dance shoes

Ladies choose Latin dance shoes

wome latin dance shoes
Choosing dancing shoes we have to start from several aspects: the size of the shoe, the height of the heel, the thickness of the heel, and the angle of the heel.
Wrong point of view: Many people choose dance shoes, they will choose a pair of dance shoes with proper elasticity and comfortable on their feet, and generally buy the size that they usually wear when shopping. This is very wrong.
ladies latin dance shoes
Reason 1: Professional Latin dance shoes are soft-soled shoes. In the process of dancing, we need to avoid the instep (pressing the instep). When the instep is disabled, the feet will shrink inward, so the shoes will feel bigger. On the contrary, pick a size smaller, and you will feel comfortable when you don't have the instep.
ladies latin dance shoes
Reason 2: Everyone's feet are different, and dance shoes need to be very heel-to-foot (this is the jargon, meaning that when dancing, the heel and foot need to be matched together). So we need to buy small size shoes. The first two times will feel a little uncomfortable, but the third time they are worn, the shoes will be stretched and just fit.
ladies latin dance shoes
The correct way to buy shoes: do not buy hard-soled shoes, you must buy soft-soled shoes that can not instep; when buying shoes, choose dance shoes that are one size smaller than the ones you usually wear when shopping; when you wear them, your toes must Beyond the toe (convenient to pull the floor with the big female toe)

ladies latin dance shoes
Wrong point of view: When many beginners choose dancing shoes, they will choose a pair of low-heeled, thick-heeled shoes, because that kind of shoes can stand firmly and are not easy to ache, so that is the choice of many people. This is also wrong!
ladies latin dance shoesmens latin dance shoes
Reason 1: Because Latin dance needs to move the center of gravity back and forth on the soles of the feet, the middle of the feet and the back heels, especially when moving forward, you need to place the center of gravity completely on the heels, and then move the person forward at the fastest speed . Girls’ calves are not as powerful as boys, so girls should choose a pair of 2 and a half to 3 inches shoes, which will make it easier to move forward and save effort.
men  latin dance shoes
Reason two: 2 and a half inches-3 inches shoes can make girls stand on the broken palm completely, which is very helpful for the vertical axis of Latin dance.

Reason 3: Latin dance requires dancers to place more of their center of gravity on the inner side. If you choose a pair of shoes with thick and low heels, even if you stand on the wrong center of gravity, you can still stand stably. Over time, your center is absolutely wrong. .
So choose a pair of 2 and a half inches-3 inches shoes is correct.
The most easily overlooked place: I think the angle of the heel is a problem that many people don't care about, but it is a very important selection link! !
men latin dance shoes
When the heel is not worn, it is tilted inward instead of vertical. Take a look at the picture below
When a person steps on, the heel of the shoe will move backwards vertically. If it is vertical when not worn, the heel will move backwards after stepping on, and the heel will become unstable.

men latin dance shoes

How to choose the color of shoes: Many people don’t understand how the popular color of Latin dance shoes is reddish. The trend of color change is based on the color of black oil. In Latin dance competitions, contestants must apply black oil (also called Palm oil), which makes your skin look healthy and dark, so if you are a contestant, you should pay attention to the color of your own palm oil when you choose the color. Only the matching color will make the legs The lines appear more slender.

Black shoes can only be worn with black clothing or darker clothing, and should be worn with black fishnet stockings

And the general Latin dance shoes will go through the bigger ones. If the feet are thinner, two sizes smaller, and the feet are fatter, you can have a regular size. If you are a beginner, it can be 5.5cm. If you usually wear high heels, it can be 7.5. Professional players are generally 8.5. , Can hold, basically 7.5 is enough for ordinary fans. Finally, there is a Latin dance teacher’s shoe, which can also be worn, and it is basically a regular size.

1. In addition to the attractive appearance of the Latin dance shoes, the slope of the heel can also adjust the standing posture of the students just right, so that the students lean forward and gradually get rid of the habit of hunched back;

2. In addition, the moderately high heel can allow students to grasp the strength of their toes gripping the ground and make more intimate contact with the floor while leaning forward, so as to understand the concept of "Latin dance is the art of the floor";

3. Since the bottom of the Latin dance shoes are basically leather, they will feel very soft and comfortable during the activities, and will not feel the feet stiff and restricted in movement. Moreover, the soft soles can highlight the curvature of the students' insteps and show more Perfect posture

4. The leather bottom of the Latin dance shoes can also play a role of anti-skid and anti-astringent. On a relatively smooth ground, you can use a brush to brush the bottom of the shoes to get burrs, so as to achieve a non-slip effect, and vice versa.

5. As long as you are under 12 years old, you will wear the shortest kind of children's heel, but those over 12 years old must wear 5.5cm or more. I am 14 years old and now have a pair of Yingpu high 7.5cm and a pair of pens Yingpu 7.5cm (although they are all 7.5cm, there is still a difference), of course, you can choose some shorter ones, because I prefer to die, so I bought such a tall one

Because most of the students pay more attention to the appearance of shoes, sometimes they buy some beautiful-looking shoes, and therefore ignore the real role of Latin shoes. If the bottom of the shoe is made of hard leather, it will be more blunt in activity, and the posture will not be able to show better, which will greatly reduce the dance. Therefore, I hope that parents and students, when purchasing Latin shoes, should pay attention to the combination of beauty and practicality, and give full play to the role of Latin dance shoes, so that they can better show what they have learned and put on a more beautiful dance.

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