My trouble---------dancing

My trouble---------dancing

"No more dancing! Tomorrow you can go home and dance! Will you concentrate on the lesson now? " I beat my head with indignation again, and I secretly repeated this sentence several times.

This has happened more than ten times since I began to fall in love with dancing. I can't help but always forget to dance. Sometimes I can't help but turn my mouth up in class. That's right. I think of the beautiful posture of dancing again. At the same time, I have to say that I'm really a dance fan, and I like all kinds of difficult dances, such as Latin dance, Baron dance, tap dance, modern dance,contemporary dance,hip hop dance,bachata dance,kathak dance,bhangra danceand classical dance. Another time when I asked in class, I thought of one of the funniest dancing scenes I saw. I couldn't help laughing. People around me looked at me with strange eyes and said, "what are you laughing at?" I silently lowered my head and thought: the old problem has been committed again. How can I not control myself and want to dance?

My trouble is that I always want to dance. To get back to the point, I have poor self-control. That's why I'm in a "crisis" in class. At that time, we were in class. The teacher put out some questions in the courseware. Let's take these questions to read the text, and then find students to answer them. After reading the text, I found that there was a picture at the end of the text which was very interesting. Then I watched it and thought of dancing. Suddenly, the teacher called my name, and I stood up uneasily. At the same time, I found the answer I had just made, but I couldn't organize the language. When the teacher saw me, I had to sit down .

In fact, dancing is not all bad for me. When I'm not happy, dancing can make me relax and always make people feel better. But wanting to dance is also a big influence on me.

Alas - am I good or not? Shall I give up dancing? I'm so upset

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