Tap dancing Shoes

Tap dancing Shoes

Waiting for the subway station, mom looked down and found in surprise that the two tap dancing shoes were different, and they actually wore different for right and left tap dancing shoes. Mother clapped her forehead and sighed: "my God, I was wearing the wrong tap shoes. It's going to be laughed to death. " I said quickly, "Mom, go back and change it!" "No, it's not time," said Mom

On the subway, my mother asked me to stand in front of her and help her to stop. In fact, some people on the subway, some people are playing mobile phones with their heads low, some people are staring out the window and some are talking in low voice. No one noticed the difference of mom tap dance shoes on the dancing shoes. "It's nice," mom said softly, "no one paid attention to my tap shoes."

Out of the subway, the sun is hot in the sky, mother looks around, God, even a hiding place, a pair of wrong tap dancing shoes in the sun.

I teased my mother: "this pair of tap dancing shoes are really fashionable, the left and right feet are different." Mother hurriedly covered her feet with a parasol, but it was not convenient to walk like this.

I put up the umbrella again and said to my mother, "it's sunshade. You cover your feet, and it's more attractive."

Mom can't, she can only walk on the road in different trample shoes. I watched my mother's different of right and left tap shoes, laughing all the way. And pedestrians on the road, or in a hurry, or walking around playing mobile phones, no one cares.

When we get home after doing things, we don't find anyone looking at mom with a different look or someone else to remind us.

It seems that no one noticed mom's tap shoes today. Sometimes, we care too much about our behavior. In fact, others don't care about it.

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