The art of dance

The art of dance

Dance is an art, beautiful dance posture, giving people a beautiful edification, graceful, let people be infatuated. Looking at this beautiful dance, I envy it very much and want to learn to dance. So, I entered the life of learning dance.

I remember one time, I was watching the dance miracle with great relish. Mom came up and said with a smile, "baby, I'll send you to learn to dance, OK?" I listened to it, and smiled happily, and said, "good, good, good, great!" The next day, I rushed into the dance room and started my dance career. Just start to think that only a little basic skills can be learned, holding three minutes of heat to learn. But after a while, the difficulty came to me, first of all, to learn some tiptoe ballet. Although I tried hard, I failed, either not in place, or I was tired to listen to the call when I practiced my leg, and once again sprained my foot. I was so frustrated that I wanted to give up learning dance. But every time I saw other people dance so beautifully, I was envious and thought, "why can they dance well, but I can't?"? So I decided to learn ballet well. So, I insisted on it and began to practice hard. Even if I fell, I stood up bravely and continued to practice hard. Although I was disappointed by the failures again and again, I could not extinguish the source of my confidence. I have learned the basic steps of ballet with my persistent hard practice. Once I was praised by the dance teacher.

This little success gave me great courage to continue to practice hard. Indeed, it is "Kung Fu is not a heart-catching person", I won the second place in the "Youth Dance Competition". In the award, I finally realized that work to be persistent, can get the success of this truth! This matter let me feel a lot, also learned from many people enlightenment. As long as I keep on working hard, I can get success. I will hear the words and urge me to do this. This sentence gives me a lot of confidence, making me more successful in the future. Because of this, let me deeply love dancing!

Later I learned a lot of dance types, tap dance, jazz dance, ballet, Latin dance (Rumba Dance, Samba dance, Cha Cha dance, bullfight dance, cowboy dance), modern dance (waltz dance, Vienna walliz dance, tango dance, fast step dance, fox trot dance), national dance, folk dance, modern dance. Through hard study and practice, I became an excellent professional dancer. Now, I love dance deeply!

Now,I like wear tap dance shoes on dance stage to dance tap dance,wear ballroom dance shoes on dance stage to dance ballroom dancing!It's a good feeling when I dancing!





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