Two Main Ballet Dancing Types

There are two main types of ballet Dancing  shoes: soft ballet shoes and pointe Dancing  shoes. According to professional level and comfort, these two kinds of shoes can be divided into a variety of shoe types and shoe styles. Here is an introduction to the main ballet shoe models.

Soft sole ballet Dancing shoes

The soft-soled ballet Dancing  shoes are the first pair of ballet shoes that every ballerina has, and they will always exist with their dancing career. Soft-soled ballet shoes are usually made of leather, but some are made of canvas or satin. Soft-soled ballet shoes can make the dancer's feet more comfortable and help dancers practice their technique better in class. Soft-soled ballet shoes are very comfortable and can be worn for a long time. Soft ballet shoes have a complete leather sole (mostly used by toddlers, children and beginners). Sometimes we also call it "split soles". The sole and heel are separated by leather soles. This makes it more comfortable to stand on the toes.

Pointe ballets dance  shoes

Pointe Dancing  shoes or toe Dancing shoes are made of harder materials to support the feet. The forefoot and heel support the arch of the foot. The top part of the shoe, the toe cap, is made of hard materials to support the toes and soles. Appropriate toe shoes are very important for dancers' performances. It is usually necessary to break the shoes before wearing toe shoes to make the shoes more comfortable and fit.

   soft-soled ballet shoes throughout the ballerina's entire career. More professional dancers will use pointe shoes, but strength training classes still need to wear soft-soled ballet shoes.

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