We are brothers

In middle age, many things have long been forgotten, but there is one day that I always remember: October 26, 1981. That was the day when we left our hometown and entered the military camp. That was the day when our dreams came true. From that day on, we became comrades in arms and became brothers.

After middle age, many people have long forgotten, but there is a group of people I always remember, that is him, that is you, that is my comrade in arms, my brother. Even if I close my eyes, I can tell your appearance. Even if I am separated for a long time, I can still feel your breath, because our hearts are always together.

After middle age, many feelings have long been forgotten, but there is one feeling I always remember, that is, comradeship and brotherhood. No matter when, no matter where, no matter how far apart, no matter how high or low, as long as I shout a comrade in arms and a brother, my eyes will be filled with tears of happiness.

Yes, I always remember, I always remember

I always remember him, I always remember you, I always remember the pain of training, I always remember the tears of homesickness, I always remember the secret you often carry in your coat pocket, I always remember his distress and anxiety of waiting for love letters, I always remember the sweetness of sharing your fiancee's love words with you, and I always remember that you call your wife again and again after grinding your teeth in the middle of the night

In my middle age, I have seen how many tides rise and fall, how many lives and deaths and parting. Although there are many shortcomings in my life, I still feel lucky because I haven't missed the military camp, you, my comrades in arms and my brother.

This is fate, this is providence!

With a flick of the fingers, we have been separated for 30 years. The years urge us to be old, and we are no longer young. We have long been husbands, fathers, children and grandchildren around our knees. Whether we are successful or unhappy, but after all, we have the same experience and a common memory. I believe that when we get together, we must have a lot to say and a lot to talk about. Let's talk about our mutual concern, our mutual miss, what we have seen and heard, how short our family is, the joy of success, and the difficulties and difficulties of life.

Come on, my comrade in arms, come on, my brother!

We laugh together, we cry together, we sing together, we drink together, we don't get drunk. Because, because we are comrades in arms, we are brothers!

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