Women Latin Dance Shoes-What should I do if my Latin dance shoes squeeze my feet?



Buying  is the same as buying a suit. Ready-to-wear or Latin dance shoes often look unsatisfactory; when you look at a style but the size is not suitable, the size is right, but the style is not like it, it is always so fishy Bear's paw cannot have both. That being said, if you want a high-level fit, customizing Latin dance shoes is the best solution. Suits, shirts, pants, leathe Shoes can be used. However, there are not many people who really choose to customize Latin dance shoes, which may be due to factors such as long customization cycles, high prices, and no contact.

Latin dance shoes and leather shoes

For high-end dance shoes, generally one length, there will be several horizontal width yards to choose, so it will be easier to choose suitable Latin dance shoes. As for the finished shoes of customized dance shoes, one length has only one width.

Latin dance shoes and leather shoes
If you buy finished shoes, you will often fail to choose a good fit.
Latin dance shoes and leather shoes
So the problem is coming. Considering that most people can only buy Latin dance shoes, with wide and squeezed feet, how to solve them?

There are two factors to consider when choosing Latin dance shoes: length and width.

When buying Latin dance shoes, you must buy Latin dance shoes of the right length, because the length of Latin dance shoes cannot be adjusted or changed. If the length is not suitable, you can only choose to change a pair.

However, the width and narrowness of the shoes in the lateral direction, slight tightness and slight tightness are not big problems, which can be improved by adjustment.

1. If you buy a pair of Latin dance shoes with a suitable length and a slightly wider width, the problem is not big. According to the usual solution: tighten the laces or add insoles, it will not affect the usual dance training, comfort and stage performance.
Latin dance shoes and leather shoes
2. If it’s a little tight to wear, but your feet don’t hurt during training, then you will loosen up wearing Latin dance shoes.
Latin dance shoes and leather shoes
3. If it is uncomfortable to wear, or even foot pain, then you must find a way to solve the problem of shoe width. The easiest way is to send it to a shoemaker for repairs. They will have professional tools that are very convenient and can support the width.

Shoes Support Vedio:

If you don’t want to go to the shoemaker, or can’t find the shoemaker’s shop at all, then you can solve this problem completely by yourself. The precursor needs proper shoe support.
Latin dance shoes and leather shoes
There are three most common shoe lasts on the market: plastic, wood, and metal. The wooden one can not only solidify, but also has the function of deodorizing and removing dampness.

However, the shoe last is not a shoe supporter, what we need is a shoe supporter or a shoe expander.

If you buy it in any way, you can make your squeezing shoes bigger by yourself.

It's such a thing, I have to admire the progress of human civilization.

There are several key points, which need to be noted:

1. According to how tight the Latin dance shoes are, you need to use the shoe support for how many days. When you can fully support them, try the Latin dance shoes with your feet. Don't accidentally stretch them.
Shoes support Latin dance shoes and leather shoes
2. If you want to shorten the shoe holding process, you can use a hair dryer to heat it for 5 minutes at a low level, and wait for it to cool down, which is equivalent to the shaping effect.
shoes support
3. It is inevitable that after the shoe support is taken off, the shoes will return to their original shape as soon as they are worn. The problem is not serious, just support it before wearing it.
how to use shoes support to up the shoes
4. If your Latin dance shoes are not expensive, you can take the above measures. If your Latin dance shoes are expensive, send them to a professional shoemaker to help you solve them.

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